Let’s start an outstanding campaign.

Collabary offers two products for your influencer marketing needs. Choose Campaign Management to access our database of over 3000 curated content creators. Choose the Influencer Relationship product to develop long lasting relationships with content creators.

Managed Service

Campaign Management Professional

You want competent Content Creators to promote your product

Easy campaign setup
  • Follow a structured campaign briefing template
  • Add multiple team members to collaborate on the campaign
  • Get price recommendation for each influencer
Data-driven influencer discovery
  • Use quantitative & qualitative filter criterias to execute influencer search
  • Find influencers based on their audience data
Direct contact with influencers
  • Communicate with Influencers via in-app messenger
  • Create your own Influencer lists
  • Add notes to each Influencer profile
Optimized step-by-step workflow
  • Send individual and contractaclly binding offers to Influencers
  • Coordinate all offers in an intuative campaign dashboard
  • Use the in-app messenger to negotiate campaign details
Comprehensive reporting
  • Access all relevant industry KPI’s
  • Track the campaign performance with real-time reporting
  • Compare your results with industry benchmarks
Streamlined payment process
  • Pay only one invoice per campaign
  • Let Collabary take care of all seperate Influencer payouts

Managed Service

You want our account managers to manage and execute your campaigns - in close collaboration with you

  • Strategic campaign development
  • Sophisticated influencer selection
  • Comprehensive, in-depth reporting
  • Integrated Zalando sales tracking
  • 10 years of IM experience

Content creators join free!

  • Get access to amazing brands from all kinds of sectors
  • Be discovered more easily by brands that want to work with you
  • Receive payments quickly and securely every time
  • Belong to a platform with a record for producing outstanding campaigns