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Take your social media campaigns to the next level through collaborations with one of our curated content creators.
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We offer targeted influencer marketing – at an incredible scale. Our platform helps you reach your audience directly, with content that will engage them.

Data-driven influencer matching

Spread your message authentically. Quantitative and qualitative search filters allow you to find the perfect influencer for your brand.

Optimized and secure workflow

Easily coordinate all product seeding activities. Our campaign dashboard and built-in messenger help you manage and engage with your influencers. All payments are securely processed via Collabary in one simple bill.

Powered by Zalando

Influencer Marketing was essential for Zalando's growth to 21M active customers. We’ve combined 9 years of experience, tricks and tips into one platform - Collabary.

Curated influencer quality

In a carefully curated process we screen and onboard all of our Influencers to guarantee professional collaborations and quality outcomes.

Live reporting dashboard

Keep track of campaign performance in real time from the very start. Compare campaign results against industry benchmarks.

State of the art technology

Our in-house tech team offers a stable platform with cutting edge technology and swift support. Your business is safe and fast with us.


Here's how simple it is...



Create better briefs and more effective campaigns.



Find the perfect influencer fit for your brand with our sophisticated search feature and audience data.



Manage campaigns and relationships with multiple content creators through lists, notes and our intuitive campaign dashboard.



Launch your campaign and share your content directly with a highly targeted audience.



Measure and analyse engagement to improve future campaigns.



We’ve streamlined the payment process. You pay one invoice and we take care of everything else.

Your next campaign is just around the corner.

Your next campaign is just around the corner.


Big brands believe in us

Here are a few of the brands we work with (a lot). They keep coming back because we do exactly what we say we will – help them produce campaigns that work.

“Collabary gave us access to top quality influencers, who are now producing amazing quality content for us. They have become core to our influencer strategy online, and it’s certainly the best influencer marketing experience we have had.”

“I wanted to work with influencers to help increase awareness of our brand. Collabary offered an easy, stress-free solution to achieve this – not just aligning us with some fantastic influencers and creating quality content, but also building and nurturing those relationships.”

“Through the content we create with Collabary, we’re engaging more effectively with our target audience, making our content in social media more human and more like the people we’d like to reach.”


Meet the creators

These are just some of the incredible content creators who will tell your stories and inspire your audience.

  • We work with more than 6000 highly curated creators.
  • Their accumulated audience exceeds 500M.
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